Friday, November 24, 2006

Who knew??

Migraines! That's what the doctor in Philadelphia thinks Steve is suffering from! Who knew you could actually suffer from migraines without actually getting a headache? I didn't, nor did the other doctors Steve has seen!

Anyway, since there really is no "test" for migraines, the doctor has prescibed Topamax for Steve. Hopefully after a few weeks on this medication the dizzy spells will lessen and we can safely assume that migraines are what has driven us all crazy for the last 4 monts!! Keep your fingers crossed!! I hope this is the beginning of the end of this mystery!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long Time no Post

I'm such a bad blogger. I really need to keep up with this better:

Ok, let's start with some Scrapping News

Gotta Pixel is celebrating it's birthday month! Lot's of fun games and AWESOME prizes to be had! Head on over to to check it out!!

We're talking Turkey at Treasures to Scrap. Another fun filled month of challenges is underway and a GENEROUS gift certificate to the store is on the line! Check it out at

My buddy Michelle Pieters has just started selling her awesome digi kits at Her stuff is awesome! Check out the layouts I made using two of her kits!!

Happy Birthday kit by Michelle Pieters, Digital Freebies

Winter Brr kit by Michelle Pieters, Digital Freebies

Now onto some personal stuff!
Had parent teacher conferences last week. Both kids are doing AWESOME! I am so VERY proud! Maggie's teacher says Maggie has such a "pure heart" and is very bright. But we knew that already!! Michael's teacher says he's respectful, curteous and of course, smart! But we knew that too (ok, he has to work on the respectful part at home, but what kid doesn't??)

I've been working a TON of hours at my new job. Thankfully I wasn't scheduled for much this week and I've gotten most of my Christmas Shopping done. Next week we are off to my mom's and Philadelphia. Should be an interesting couple of days.

So, now that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, want to know what I'm Thankful for?? I'll name 5.

1. I am Thankful for my family. Although they sometimes drive me crazy, my husband and my kids are the light of my life.

2. I am Thankful for my parents. Without their help and support I don't think we would have survived the last 5 months.

3. I am Thankful for my sense of humor for without it I'm sure I'd spend more time crying than laughing.

4. I am Thankful for my friends, both offline and online.

5. I am most of all Thankful to God for giving me such an awesome life.

So what are you Thankful for?? Think I'll tag Shirley, Sass and Dawn and see what they are thankful for!!