Thursday, July 20, 2006

It all started last Friday. I was at my girlfriend's house picking up her kids to take them to the pool. As I pulled out of her driveway, I heard VERY loud grinding noise from my 2005 minivan. I put the car in park, then tried to put it in reverse again..and GRIND!!! UGH!! Now the car won't even move and I'm stuck in the middle of the street. Thank God she was having her AC installed so the nice burly guys gave me push so I could roll the car into the driveway next door. 6 hours later the tow truck showed up and towed it away. Saturday get a call from the Chrysler dealer that they have to replace the left front Axle! WHAT??? The car has 23,000 miles on it and is only 18 months old!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, the car is under warranty, so I dont' have to pay for the bill, but do have to pay the $200.00 to rent a car for a week since mine won't be fixed for at least that long!

Monday morning my son woke up with an ear ache. Dragged him to the doctor who says he has swimmers ear!!!

Tuesday I drove the hour to my mom's house to take her to the doctor. She had been in the hospital when I got home from vacation a month ago with congestive heart failure. This was a follow up appointment. My dad threw his back out and couldn't take her and GOD forbid they ask my brother who lives a quarter of a mile away..but I digress! Anyway, this was a bright spot because the doctor said he is pleased with her progress and that she is out of danger.

THEN, beginning this past weekend, my husband was complaining of dizziness and nausea. The doctor originally thought it was a reaction to a medication he started on Friday. By today he STILL was not feeling well so off to a new doctor we went, who immediately sent us to the emergency room for tests. So here I am, two kids in tow at the ER for over 4 hours. They are still not really sure what is wrong with him other than that his blood pressure is high. They did an EKG, blood tests, chest x-ray and CAT scan..all were normal. So they sent him home with medication for his blood pressure and something to relieve the dizziness. He goes back to the doctor on Monday. He cannot work until at least Tuesday (Let me add, he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid...they don't have sick time!!).

God bless you if you are still reading this!!!!