Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rambling thoughts..

I hate rain! We've had over 12 inches of rain in the last 5 days. Everything is flooded. Thankfully I live in a higher elevation, so our home is safe, but I feel for those whose homes are ruined. My husband drove through the Delaware Water Gap on his way to work and he saw the houses that were on the river flooded up to their roofs, with people on the roofs waiting to be rescued. How heartbreaking.

Vacation was a blast. Pictured above was my favorite attraction. Can you guess why??? LOL

For those of you wondering, the Howard Stern thing really was no big deal. About 10 years ago I lost 80+ pounds on the Nutrisystem program. I was one of their success stories and they were doing a spot on Howard Stern and they were looking to have some of their successful clients go on the show. I was one of the first they asked, but I declined. I am not really a Howard Stern fan and I could imagine the comments I would get on my ample chest! LOL (none of the 80 pounds I lost came from there!!). So there you have it, boring huh??

Monday, June 12, 2006

10 Boring Things About Me

Ok, Paige challenged us over at Treasures To Scrap to post 10 things about ourselves. Here goes mine. Don't die from excitement!! LOL

1. I have had 12 years of Catholic Education (grades 4-12 and College)
2. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, I graduated in 1987 (yes, I'm old!!)
3. My first job out of college was a counselor in a psychiatric group home. I later worked with's almost the same! LOL (JK..don't want to offend any attorneys out there!!!)
4. I was once asked to be on the Howard Stern Show...I declined
5. I met my husband in a ski lodge on New Years Eve (neither one of us ski's)
6. My father taught me how to shoot at the age of 10.
7. I have been suffering from depression since my son was born 10 years ago. I am also hypothyroid
8. I am a die hard New York Mets fan
9. I was Student Council President my senior year of highschool.
10. I met Robin Williams while working on the Student Activities Council in college. He was quite shy (or maybe he was just strung out...not sure which!)

Sunday, June 11, 2006


School is over!! No more 6:00am wake up calls for the next two or so months!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!! Of course my body isn't used to it and I woke up yesterday and today at 5:30am, but I made myself go back to bed!!

Maggie graduated pre-school yesterday! She looked too cute. They wore cap and gowns and different color leis (sp) as they had a "beach graduation" Doesn't she look cute in her shades??

I created this layout with a pic I took of her before we left for the ceremony. She loves her pretty blue dress and was so proud to be a "big girl". The digi kit I used is from Yesterday Remembered and it's called Love Me by Mirranda Reinhardt. What a YUMMY kit. I LOVE all the blues!!!

This week is the big B'Day bash at TTS. Dawn and I have quite a cute digi kit coming in honor of the festivities!! Can't wait to unveil it on Thursday.

Saw another baby deer today. Mom was feeding from the bucket of food we leave out and baby was with her. Mom must like us, cause she didn't move when we all stood about 5 feet from the baby cooing at it. I got a great pic of it running which I am hoping to scrap later on today.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Whooo Hooo!! Dawn and I released our second freebie kit at the Jungle!! Must say it's EXCELLENT!! WE ROCK! Make sure you visit the digital section of to get a copy!!

I saw TWO baby deer today. The second one was sooooooo itty! We actually saw it feeding from it's mother (which my 9 year old son informed me was called "suckling".)

Speaking of my son, he's only 9 years old and he suffers from BO! Sigh..he's just a can he have BO?? I bought some deoderant for him...but he says he doesn't want to use that "man" stuff. I told him if he smells like a man he needs to use deoderant like a man. He told me he can take care of his manly smells with a shower! LOL. I don't want to rush him to grow up, but I don't want him to lose friends at school either. Wednesday was field day. It was in the 80's, it was humid and the sun was shining. Well, when he came home....all I can say is PU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else have a 9-10 year old with this problem???

Friday, June 02, 2006

Finally get a breather to update this thing!!

WHOOO HOOOOOO! Best news!! I was accepted to the Digital Design Team at Treasures to Scrap!! I am SOOOOOO excited! I LOVE Tracy and am so happy to be part of her team. It's going to be so much fun expanding my digital skills! Plus Dawn and I make the best kits together, so I am happy I'll get to continue working with her! What a chatty bunch of ladies too...they are so much FUN!!

If you are reading this and haven't been to Treasures to Scrap you gotta' check it out Tracy puts together THE BEST page kits and her prices for them are BEYOND reasonable!! TTS is having a Birthday Crop June 15-17th. Be sure to check it out. Tell them Peggy sent ya'!