Saturday, May 27, 2006

ok..going to see if I can get two photos in here today.

First, Long Knobs showed up today in his usual leaf pile. So here he is, as of today!

As he was sitting there we decided to toss him a few baby carrots from the deck. He was enjoying the carrots when out of nowhere running down the hill came this little one. I thought my kids were going to jump out of their skin! He hung around Long Knobs for a bit, then retreated back up the hill and laid down into some ferns. My son wonders if the baby is Long Knob's. Could possibly be!! Now that I know the fawn is back there, I'll be trying extra hard to catch glimpses of him and some photos. It will be fun to watch the baby grow!

Friday, May 26, 2006


It's the weekend!!!! And it's a long weekend! I don't have to get up at 6:00am until Tuesday!!! (Can you tell I'm really fixated on this 6:00am thing?).

We have a lot of fun things to do this weekend with the kids. I am so glad we decided to move to this community. Sure, it has some of it's problems (as with most gated communities) but for the most part we've been quite happy with the programs and the ammenities. Ok, I HATE the bus situation, but that's more the school district than the community. BUT, I digress.

They are opening the pools this weekend. Ok, it was 30 degrees on Monday morning...HELLO, can we say FROSTBITE?? I told my kids not to be disappointed if the don't get to swim this weekend, but of course they are smarter than me and said "there's always the indoor pool mom".

Long Knobs came around today. I was glad to see him as he hadn't been around for a couple of days and I was afraid something happened to him. Long Knobs, by the way, is a deer that likes to come to dinner at our house almost every night. My son named him such because his "knobs" are much longer than the rest of the bucks that we have seen at this point. Long Knobs had also got into the habit of sleeping in the giant leaf pile in the backyard. He had been there everday for about 10 days, and then he wasn't around for a few. But now he's back. It's funny because he's only a few feet away from the dog run and he doesn't even move if the dogs are out. It's like he knows that they are attached to the cable and can't get to him. The dogs pretty much don't bother with him anyway. I think they just recognize the deer as part of their lives now. This picture was taken of "Long Knobs" about a month ago. His knobs are about twice the size now. By fall he's going to have one HUGE set of antlers!! Hopefully he'll come around this weekend and I'll get an updated pic.

Ok, how pathetic is it that I posted a pic of a deer before I posted pics of my kids???

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, here it is!

So there's been so much talk at TTS about blogs and even some pressure for me to create one, so here it is, Peggy's Anti Blog! I really don't have anything of interest to say, but I'll say it anyway in case there is actually someone less interesting out there who may enjoy it.

Only two more weeks of school! YIPPPEEEEE!! Only two more weeks of waking up at 6:00am. I am NOT a morning person, so these last 9 months of going to bed early and waking up at 6 have been TORTURE! I usually only start becoming creative around 9:00pm when the kids go to bed! By 10:00pm I have to literally FORCE myself to go downstairs to bed. Of course once I'm in bed, the TV is on and I'm up past 11:00 anyway.

Saw another baby deer in the yard yesterday. They are so cute! Maggie calls them all Bambi. I love living out here in the mountains. So far this spring I've seen 3 baby deer, a fox, countless adult deer and a bear. The bear was pretty funny because when I saw it I thought it was a dog! Guess I still have to get used to some of the wildlife!

Well, enough rambling from me for now. Maybe I'll have something of more interest to write later.